Our Facilities

Del-Co operates four water treatment plants having a combined capacity of 33 million gallons per day.

The water source for three of the plants is from surface waters such as a river and reservoir, the fourth plant obtains its water from wells.
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Water Conservation

Thank you to all Del-Co customers for your assistance with following the watering restrictions this past season. In mid-July, Del-Co's raw water supply had reached critical levels due to the extreme heat and drought conditions. Fortunately, the restrictions and more reasonable weather patterns reduced the watering demand allowing Del-Co to refill the primary raw water storage reservoirs. Therefore, as of October 8, 2012, the watering restrictions are restored to the routine three days per week.
  • Odd address: Sprinkling / Watering permitted Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • Even address: Sprinkling / Watering permitted Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday
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Residential Customers

You can become a Del-Co Water customer by:
What you will need to do, and the fees you are required to pay, are different depending upon which category above applies to you.
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Protecting Your Water

Backflow prevention and cross-connection control are unfamiliar terms to many of us; however, they should be of great concern. The backflow of chemicals or contaminated water into the public water system is responsible for many illnesses and deaths every year in the United States.
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Parties or individuals interested in developing residential and commercial subdivisions or individual commercial lots should first check on water availability to the site.
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Developer's Checklist
  1. Check with Del-Co on water availability to your site early in the planning phase.
  2. Submit two copies of the detailed engineering drawings and one copy of the preliminary plat or easement exhibit.
  3. Submit copies of the plans to Ohio EPA and the local fire department, if required.
  4. Organize a preconstruction meeting prior to beginning construction.
  5. Provide the record drawings and final plat for signature.
  6. Pay all fees for a given section or phase upfront.
  7. Allow four to six weeks for Del-Co to set the meter after paying the fees.
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Board Member Application Packet

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Boil Advisory
September 30, 2014
Del-Co Water Co., Inc. has no boil advisories in effect at this time.

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